Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the videos in this database?

No, the search results provide a link to view the video on the platform that provides the streaming video to the library.

Can I access these videos from off campus?

Yes! When you click on the link to the video, you will be asked to sign into the library EZProxy access and you will be able to watch these videos.

Can videos be viewed at any time?

Yes! We have unlimited user access to all of the videos and unless there are unforeseen technical difficulties, they will be available 24 hours a day.

Does the library own these videos?

Atkins Library has purchased many of the videos, but others are subscriptions that have rolling title lists. If a title is just a subscription, and there is a possibility we might lose access at some point, it will be noted on the title information page.

Can I share the videos with the others?

You can send links for the videos to other UNCC faculty and students. Learn more about sharing video on our How To page.

What if I cannot find a video I'm looking for?

If you cannot find a video you are looking for, you can search our catalog to see if we have it in another format. If you cannot find the video there, you can contact your subject librarian and we will look into the availability of the video.

Can I use these videos in my classes?

Yes! You can screen these videos in your class and you embed them in your in Moodle Course Modules. See the How To section on more information.

Can these videos be shown at a public performance?

Most of our videos do not carry public performance rights. If you are looking to screen the videos in a public setting, please contact the library collection development department and we can research public performance options.

Why are the videos in different places?

We subscribe and/or purchase our streaming videos from different streaming video providers to make available a variety of content. The videos are hosted on each vendor's individual platform and our streaming video search platform is just one way to access our streaming media collection. You can also search our catalog or visit individual collections through our A-Z list.